This blog came about organically through my morning breakfasts spent with my guests assisting them with awesome spots to stop off on their onward journey. I found myself hand scrawling notes pen to paper and pulling up images on my iPhone of my favourite locations wether they were heading North, South or East. In a bid to streamline this process for all parties I came up with the idea to collate everything in a blog they could access on the go from their digital devices.

‘Wonderland Rules’ was born in the winter of 2017. It’s still a work in progress and growing by the day as I discover new spots in the epic playground that is the South Island of New Zealand and I learn still of undiscovered secret spots from my lovely guests.

I hope that this may add value to your onward journey and that wether you are travelling fast or taking your time there will be some amazing spots to make memories of moments shared along your way.

Please feel free to share with your friends, comment on photo’s or even share your experience of the locations listed. Additionally, let me know what you think and if you feel this would have been beneficial whilst you started planning your journey? My goal is to add more content and send it out to all my guests as soon as they book so it may help plan out their journeys.

Here’s to you all and your incredible adventures around our stunning country.