Here’s a peek at my Flying Fox: Heli Hike in June 2016. What a phenomenal experience climbing, hiking and crawling through mother nature’s amazing Fox Glacier and her ice caves.

Fox Glacier / Te Moeka o Tuawe moves between 3-5meters a day and runs 280mtrs deep. If you’re heading this way I would highly recommend making time to experience this amazing trip, it’s a bucket list must do! See if you can spot the hikers and ice climbers to give you some scale of this stunning 13 kilometre-long glacier.

Huge thanks to Fox Glacier Guiding and Glacier Helicopters. From start to finish the trip was seamlessly organised and executed by amazing crew, pilots and guides. Small groups, awesome equipment and around 4 hours of breathtaking beauty playing on this incredible sculpture. Don’t die wondering and get in touch with me if you need help with your reservation. Book now, this is not something you want to miss… This is living!

Everything. But I think the real wonder is in the sheer scale of the glacier and how it makes everything else feel so insignificant as you loose yourself in it’s beauty.

I love the sunshine both for warmth and great photography shots so if i’m hiking in winter I love the 11:50am flight. I haven’t had a chance to get up in Summer as it’s always fully booked but with our long hours of sunshine everytime’s a great time.

4 hours

Fox Glacier Guides will supply you with everything you need including jackets, gloves, hats and pants along with awesome alpine boots too.

If the flight is cancelled due to poor weather conditions please be gracious and know that the crew puts your safety first. It might look like a gorgeous day but it could be super windy on the glacier and unsafe for both you and the chopper to land. Additionally, remember it’s not just about flying you in but also getting you out and our West Coast weather can change incredibly quickly. Our gorgeous Mother Nature deserves utmost respect on every occasion especially when dealing with sculptures as breathtaking as these majestic wonders.

Please also note that the glaciers are moving every day so every week the Heli-Hike is a brand new and different experience every time of the year.

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